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9505RE: [BPQ32] Operating systems

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  • Jerry
    Dec 31, 2012

      I have heard it does under WIN7….  WIN8 seems to be a different animal.. In WIN7 Anything I added it would find drivers… Win8 does not seem to be that smart,,, in fact a lot of what I ran here would not run under 8 so I have an XP machine running as well..


      Just so u know I run BPQ under Win Server 2008 SR2 (XP kernel).  But wanted to add what I have seen on my Win8 System…


      I do know it will install on win8.. I just have nothing connected to my WIN8 PC…


      Always worth a try and if you have time worth a try at gaining info so it can be made to do so.. if it does not already..


      73 jerry


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      Will BPQ32 run under Windows 7 or 8?



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