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9403RE: [BPQ32] Sub-Addressing on iPage web hosting site

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  • Jerry
    Dec 10, 2012

      Maybe I do not understand sub-addressing and may not be using it… iPage has been most stable for me.. Others have suspended my acct because I use it for Business and Pleasure… i.e. business sites and personal and hamradio…

      With that said…

      So my question what is Sub-addressing???


      Thanks Jerry


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      To save others from going through the same mistake I made here is some information about using iPage for web hosting and email.
      They do not plan on offering sub-addressing even though customer support told me they did support it before subscribing to their service, THEY ARE LIARS (MHO) and just trying to get your money.
      I am stuck with the service until contract runs out.
      Going back to gmail IT WORKS.

      Dave K9DRH

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