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9382RE: [BPQ32] Showing in multiple nodes

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  • Mike
    Dec 6, 2012
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      You are shown logged in here, are you sure you do not have two
      applications running
      At the same time?

      If not try clearing your nodes table,
      Click on the BPQ ICON lower right in tool tray,
      Select BPQ32 Console
      Select the BPQ32.DLL Console Window
      At top of the MDI window, select Actions
      Select clear nodes & re-read bpq32.cfg

      Let us know if this solves the problem.


      Mike N9PMO
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      Subject: [BPQ32] Showing in multiple nodes

      Hello John and the group.

      Im not sure how this is happening but I was logged into my chat server
      and did the user command and found myself in the group 3 times, 1 via
      my chat node and 2 times in 2 other chat nodes. Ive restarted my
      entire system and now I cant get in because Im on the system as
      already connected.

      Does anyone have any ideas what could have caused this?
      Hopefully those connections will just drop off but from my reasoning,
      thats not good and I have a couple of ideas that could cause this.

      Thanks all

      Las Vegas, NV.
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