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9371Re: BPQ32 crashing and web/telnet server behaviour

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  • wavetel1
    Nov 28, 2012
      Ive allowed some time to reveal what is going on with this. I closed the forwards on the router for the Telnet and Http port initially and found that BPQ32 became much much more stable.
      After a week or so I opened up the Telnet ports only again in the forwards. I was also in the mean time using the Telnet ports on the LAN quite a bit. I found no problem with this at all. It would not crash. All this time I have avoided the Http Port completely.

      Today I ventured into the Http port for the first time in a couple of weeks. And sure enough I crashed BPQ32 consistantly.
      I tried IE and Google Chrome Portable as well as Firefox 15 and 16.

      The common denominator (only one to crash BPQ32) was Firefox 15 and 16.
      I have since upgraded to Firefox 17 and have not managed to crash BPQ32 yet. To get it to crash I had to go into the terminal and make an outbound connect using FF15 or 16 . Not long after that it would just freeze up BPQ completely.

      Off the subject perhaps but I have also experienced issues with Firefox of late on router logins. Its been a issue for a while it seems. I tend to think Firefox is broke a bit of late.

      None the less it seems that its possible that Browsers can send something to to BPQ that is pretty catastrophic.

      Tony VK5AH

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "John Wiseman" <john.wiseman@...> wrote:
      > Tony,
      > It is possible there is something that firefox is sending that is upsetting
      > it.I'll try it here with forefox and see what happens, In the meantime it
      > might be worth removing the httpport (or at least port forwarding for that
      > port), and see if everything else works ok.
      > I have occasionally seen the monitor not working in TermTCP, but not often
      > enough to track down the cause. The"Monitor UI only" option is there to
      > remove other monitoring on a channel with both ui and connected traffic. It
      > wont make any difference on an APRS-only channel.
      > 73, John
      > _____
      > From: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com [mailto:BPQ32@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of
      > wavetel1
      > Sent: 14 November 2012 11:58
      > To: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [BPQ32] BPQ32 crashing and web/telnet server behaviour
      > I have been trying to figure out for a few weeks now just why BPQ32 seems to
      > crash at times and need to be forcibly closed via the task manager every few
      > days. I have been experimenting and gathering observations.
      > I downgraded to an earlier version of BPQ32 to try to see if this bug that
      > has recently hit me is a new one but that seemed to prove nothing.
      > So I removed some port forwards on my router and this seems to have had it
      > running now for over 8 days non stop. Proving that perhaps its related to
      > the BPQ Telnet Port definitions.
      > Here is a bit of an extract from my config file in the Telnet server area.
      > PORT
      > ID=Telnet Server
      > DRIVER=Telnet
      > CONFIG
      > LOGGING=0
      > DisconnectOnClose=1
      > TCPPORT=80xx
      > FBBPORT=80xx 80xx
      > HTTPPORT=80xx
      > LOGINPROMPT=user:
      > PASSWORDPROMPT=password:
      > CMS=0
      > All of the Portforwards for the above ports are now removed so that its only
      > usable on the Local LAN.
      > Now on playing around a bit I managed to make the Web server crash by using
      > Firefox to access the Terminal section. Even trying to use IE to access it
      > would not work after crashing it even though BPQ32 still seemed to be
      > working. A restart of BPQ32 was required to get the Web server running.
      > Ive upgraded to version now and have managed to crash the web server
      > again by using Firefox. This happens in various ways. Initially I was not
      > even able to get to the login page for the terminal but now I do. Just now
      > it crashed after login and would not respond to a ? at the Node prompt. Cant
      > access the Web server at all now even via IE . Have to restart BPQ again.
      > I am wondering if this is the cause of BPQ crashing and burning after a few
      > days? I also was suspicious about the Telnet server as it seemed to crash
      > BPQ out after using that feature so I have stopped using that across the
      > Lan. I am less inclined to think that its the Telnet server specifically now
      > though.
      > One very odd thing that happens with the Telnet server is that often upon
      > connection (using BPQtermTcp v I see no monitor traffic. The only
      > way to bring it up is to make an outbound connection and then disconnect.
      > This automatically disconnects the Telnet server from BPQTermTcp so I then
      > reconnect and the monitor traffic shows up properly. Ive found this both on
      > the local Lan and remotely via the Net. And Yes I have monitor options set.
      > I am sitting on a APRS channel which is basically only Ui Frames. Does this
      > mean that I have to have the "only monitor Uiframes" option set ? This is
      > not entirely clear.
      > So there is some food for thought. I will stick to v for now and
      > start using the Telnet server again via the Lan to see if the instabilities
      > return.
      > Has anybody else seen anything like this ? Any comments John ?
      > Regards Tony VK5AH
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