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9328RE: [BPQ32] APRS iGate and AXIP linking issue

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  • Mike
    Nov 21, 2012

      Look at your AXIP Resolver window W9JUN-1 I think you will see an Error
      This can be a problem with his DNS Host updater or UDP 10093 is blocked
      Don's router, I just commented out his map line, if Don & you are using
      Your BPQ32 will add is IP address to the BPQNODES.DAT and only one side
      Your partner needs the map information.

      Just try commenting out his map line, re-read the axip resolver and see
      Happens in 15 to 20 minutes by using BPQ terminal command n w9jun-1

      So far I show w9jun-1 Unknown node.

      Mike N9PMO
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      Subject: [BPQ32] APRS iGate and AXIP linking issue

      Hello All,
      I am trying to setup an AXIP link with Don, W9JUN and I am having some
      issues. I have 1 AXIP port defined that does work for APRSiGate traffic.
      For some reason, we can get to a "connecting" state, but never actually
      connect. I can see his traffic coming in and my traffic going out over
      UDP port 10093 with no problems but we never can connect.

      My question is will this type of configuratio work or do I need a second
      AXIP port defined for internet linking?


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