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9325Re: [BPQ32] Winlink CMS

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  • K.O. Higgs
    Nov 21 6:54 AM
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      I'm not exactly SURE of what I saw... it seemed that one of the recipients of the RMS message may have (accidentally or maliciously ??) replied to the "list" instead of the "sender".

      K.O. n0kfq
      On 11/21/2012 3:35 AM, John Wiseman wrote:

      At the moment if the messages are sent via RMS, all the addresses are combined into a single message, and the WL2K system doesn't support BCC. If the messages are sent via the SMTP server or the packet network they will be sent as separate messages.So if messages are sent to smtp: instead of rms:, they should be send separately.
      Generally combining the addresses is more efficient, especially if the message has to be forwarded over a radio link to get to a CMS, but if it is a serious problem it would be possible to add an option not to combine them.
      73, John

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      When using Outpost to send a list of e-mail addresses (distribution list)  to a BPQMailChat bbs to be sent by BPQ RMS, the entire distribution list is included in the header to each addressee. Is there any way to hide this list.... or someway to NOT include it?

      K.O. n0kfq

      On 11/20/2012 5:27 PM, N9ACQ wrote:


                      A recent post from the WDT specified that BCC addresses are not used. Both Airmail and RMS Express have omitted there entry capability. I believe Paclink strips them if used.

      73 Bill


      K.O. Higgs 

      K.O. Higgs 
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