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9296Re: [BPQ32] BPQ32 crashing and web/telnet server behaviour

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  • Douglas Parker
    Nov 15, 2012
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      Re: [BPQ32] BPQ32 crashing and web/telnet server behaviour I have been having a similar problem since upgrading & later, currently running All previous versions prior to worked.
      I rarely use the BPQTermTCP application. Also I don’t use browsers such as Firefox or Google to access the system.

      I do a restart on the system, everything seems fine. After 3-5 days, the MONITOR quits showing anything, and eventually the system
      starts shutting down. Symptoms of the system going down is it will quit responding to some commands. It will let users log in either via
      VHF link or Telnet, or across the network from other systems, but certain commands will not respond.

      My current workaround is to restart the system every 3 days. I am running the system on a PowerSpec B818 Quad Core i5 processor with 4 gb of ram
      on Windows XP Pro.

      Regards & 73,

      Doug  - N4ATA
      BPQ32 Node DVRCO:N4ATA-7

      On 11/14/12 04:57 , "wavetel1" <wavetel@...> wrote:


      I have been trying to figure out for a few weeks now just why BPQ32 seems to crash at times and need to be forcibly closed via the task manager every few days. I have been experimenting and gathering observations.

      I downgraded to an earlier version of BPQ32 to try to see if this bug that has recently hit me is a new one but that seemed to prove nothing.

      So I removed some port forwards on my router and this seems to have had it running now for over 8 days non stop. Proving that perhaps its related to the BPQ Telnet Port definitions.

      Here is a bit of an extract from my config file in the Telnet server area.

       ID=Telnet Server
       FBBPORT=80xx 80xx

      All of the Portforwards for the above ports are now removed so that its only usable on the Local LAN.

      Now on playing around a bit I managed to make the Web server crash by using Firefox to access the Terminal section. Even trying to use IE to access it would not work after crashing it even though BPQ32 still seemed to be working. A restart of BPQ32 was required to get the Web server running.
      Ive upgraded to version now and have managed to crash the web server again by using Firefox. This happens in various ways. Initially I was not even able to get to the login page for the terminal but now I do. Just now it crashed after login and would not respond to a ? at the Node prompt. Cant access the Web server at all now even via IE . Have to restart BPQ again.

      I am wondering if this is the cause of BPQ crashing and burning after a few days? I also was suspicious about the Telnet server as it seemed to crash BPQ out after using that feature so I have stopped using that across the Lan. I am less inclined to think that its the Telnet server specifically now though.

      One very odd thing that happens with the Telnet server is that often upon connection (using BPQtermTcp v I see no monitor traffic. The only way to bring it up is to make an outbound connection and then disconnect. This automatically disconnects the Telnet server from BPQTermTcp so I then reconnect and the monitor traffic shows up properly. Ive found this both on the local Lan and remotely via the Net. And Yes I have monitor options set.
      I am sitting on a APRS channel which is basically only Ui Frames. Does this mean that I have to have the "only monitor Uiframes" option set ? This is not entirely clear.

      So there is some food for thought. I will stick to v for now and start using the Telnet server again via the Lan to see if the instabilities return.

      Has anybody else seen anything like this ? Any comments John ?

      Regards  Tony  VK5AH


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