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9294Re: [BPQ32] 9600 baud packet instability

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  • Jim
    Nov 15, 2012
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      Yes deviation and modulation acceptance in the receiver is another determining factor. In other words if you can not receive what is the use!

      With the g3ruh modems there is a procedure of setting deviation and measuring the time between dropped rx packets. If you can find some with a 2 way radio shop maybe he can help you I bought a Agilent 8924C a few years back that works well for this it was a cell phone test box but also has analog test functions and will measure SINAD directly on a monitor screen. 

      I connected the radios in pairs and terminated the tx and tx units and found my best deviation was around 2.7khz. That was with GE delta radios. I ran a system from Pensacola to Dickenson tax and it would do a ping in 3 seconds. 

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                      The biggest problem with 9600 is deviation. Both ends should be around 3 Khz. 9600 also need to bypass all audio amplifiers and filters on both transmit and receive. A deviation meter really is needed to set the proper audio level to the radio. The other thing is what is the S meter reading on receive?

      73 Bill


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