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9292Re: 9600 baud packet instability

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  • k1jtc
    Nov 14, 2012
      Rather than reply to all I will post all replies here. I am running alinco 235. I have 2 radios sitting in the same room. From what I understand the KPC 9612 only supports 9600 baud on the com port so that is the highest speed to go to the computer. Am I wrong? S meter readings are full scale in the room as well as when I try across the city. The radios are identical except the one that is not hooked to the bbs has the internal tnc option.

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "N9ACQ" <n9acq@...> wrote:
      > Jeff
      > The biggest problem with 9600 is deviation. Both ends should
      > be around 3 Khz. 9600 also need to bypass all audio amplifiers and filters
      > on both transmit and receive. A deviation meter really is needed to set the
      > proper audio level to the radio. The other thing is what is the S meter
      > reading on receive?
      > 73 Bill
      > N9ACQ
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