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92889600 baud packet instability

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  • k1jtc
    Nov 14, 2012
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      We are having problems with consistent connects using outpost. When using hyperterminal it connects better but still retries muliple times. Below are the settings that I have in the config file. I am using a kantronics 9612. Any suggestions to make it more stable would be greatly appreciated.

      PORTNUM=1 ; Optional but sets port number if stated
      ID=BBS 223.520 MHz ; Displayed by PORTS command
      TYPE=ASYNC ; Port is RS232 Com
      PROTOCOL=KISS ; TNC is used in KISS (or JKISS) mode
      ; See ..\RelatedFiles\KissRoms\KissRoms.zip.
      FULLDUP=0 ; Only meaningful for KISS (or JKISS) devices
      SPEED=9600 ; RS232 COM PORT SPEED
      CHANNEL=B ; A for single channel TNC, A or B for multichannel
      PERSIST=64 ; PERSIST=256/(# of transmitters-1)
      SLOTTIME=50 ; CMSA interval timer in milliseconds
      TXDELAY=300 ; Transmit keyup delay in milliseconds
      TXTAIL=30 ; TX key down, in milliseconds, at packet end
      QUALITY=125 ; Quality factor applied to node broadcasts heard on
      ; this port, unless overridden by a locked route
      ; entry. Setting to 0 stops node broadcasts
      MINQUAL=0 ; Entries in the nodes table with qualities greater or
      ; equal to MINQUAL will be sent on this port. A value
      ; of 0 sends everything.
      MAXFRAME=4 ; Max outstanding frames (1 thru 7)
      FRACK=5000 ; Level 2 timout in milliseconds
      RESPTIME=1000 ; Level 2 delayed ack timer in milliseconds
      RETRIES=5 ; Level 2 maximum retry value
      PACLEN=125 ; Default max packet length for this port
      UNPROTO=ANTBBS ; BTEXT broadcast addrs format: DEST[,digi1[,digi2]]
      BCALL=K1JTC-10 ; BTEXT call. unstated defaults to APPL1CALL
      L3ONLY=0 ; 1=No user downlink connects on this port
      DIGIFLAG=1 ; Digipeat: 0=OFF, 1=ALL, 255=UI Only
      DIGIPORT=0 ; Port on which to send digi'd frames (0 = same port)
      USERS=0 ; Maximum number of L2 sessions, 0 = no limit
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