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926511-06-12 - NODE BROADCASTS

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  • David Bird
    Nov 7 5:38 AM
      I have a requirement where I want the BPQ node to only "Speak when spoken to." I wish to eliminate all node broadcasts. The node does not need to communicate with any other node in the network. There are three applications defined with their unique callsign-SSID. I have made the following assignments in BPQ configuration:


      The node accepts connections to the defined applications and operates normally. I note I can also return to node commands by exiting an application with a "Return To Node" command.

      When BPQ startups with the new configuration, it sends a node broadcast to each of the four defined ports with the "FROM" field blank. The node then continues to send node broadcasts to two other BBS systems in the area and also appears to respond to node broadcasts from other nodes.

      Is there a way to stop the node from sending and responding to these node broadcasts.

      This is a requirement to reduce channel clutter and to help address a random interference problem.

      Any thoughts would be helpful.

      73, Dave.
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