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9240Invalid Command when Connecting via WinPack

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  • neocharles_kk4hok
    Nov 3, 2012
      I am extremely new to using BPQ32 and had some assistance from a fellow ham in getting it configured.

      I am up and running, however, I am noticing one quirk that - to be honest - I am unsure of whether or not it's supposed to even work this way or not.

      Whenever I open Winpack, and I try to connect right to a node/callsign, it does not work.  Below is what happens

      c lscbbs
      cmd:(1) CONNECTED to SWITCH    

      MONHOK:KK4HOK-7} Invalid command - Enter ? for command list

      Could someone possibly point me in the right direction on A) Is this even supposed to work or not, and B) If so, where am I possibly experiencing the issue?


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