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9204BPQ32 wishlist

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  • dph200
    Oct 28, 2012
      Hi John,

      I have a few friends and we use now BPQ32 instead of (X)net.
      Because (X)net is not developed anymore, we use the BPQ32 and it all works very
      My configuratuon is BPQ32 after AGWPE on Server-2008RC2 64bit. The Internet Gate
      for Packet Radio is an TNN Node after the BPQ over ax-ip. The Mailbox System is
      OpenBCM after BPQ over ax-ip.
      But we still have a few wishes. Maybe it's possible, this
      to consider in a future release.


      1.- extra Call for WX Stations (very important)
      because the Symbol toggle's between DIGI and WX Stations
      depending on the last heard beacon.
      2.- an input prompt, to display a prompt for the next command
      3.- a TheNet compatible password system
      4.- adjustable beacon time for RTT INP3
      5.- further connect with the message from the BPQ '*** connected to'
      instead of 'ALIAS:CALL} connected to'. Many Programs use this
      Message to identify the next Station Call.
      6.- free configurable Info-Text, Connect and Disconnect Text in extra
      text files.

      I hope, you can implement our wishes in your Software.
      Thank you for the great BPQ32 Software.

      73, Joachim
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