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920Re: DISABL or OFF nodes?

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  • Karl
    Jan 21, 2008
      DISABL has everything to do with Winlink Check the following website
      and read Q/A on Page 65.. Q9350


      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Charles Brabham" <n5pvl@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > Is anybody else noticing bogus nodes like the "DISABL" node shown
      in this
      > screen-capture?
      > http://www.rgvham.com/rgvforum/index.php/topic,21.0.html
      > It has no callsign to go with the alias, and it prevents NetRom and
      > NODES lists from working properly.
      > Besides "DISABL", I have also noted an "OFF" node here from time to
      > These bogus nodes are local, but only show up during band openings
      when it
      > is possible to node-hop out of our area.
      > They first appeared after a TELPAC node was installed at the local
      > department by a "ham" that nobody here knows and who does not
      participate in
      > any of the local nets, etc...
      > During a band opening where DISABL was not active here, I node-
      hopped a few
      > hundred miles up the Texas coast - and found another "DISABL" node
      up there!
      > Heads up, folks. - The WinLinkers do not like networked packet
      radio and
      > apparently are out to "DISABL" our ability to utilize it.
      > Time to drag out the RDF gear, eh?
      > 73 DE Charles Brabham, N5PVL
      > USPacket.Org
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