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9132Re: AGWtoBPQ Crash

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  • joachimnienstedt
    Oct 11, 2012
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      Hi John,

      yes, agw to bpq crashes even if only one program is running.
      There is no error message. On Windows Server 2008 comes a requester to close the program. On Windows XP, the window closes without comment.
      I now go back to AGWPE. But I hope I can replace the AGWPE sometime by agwtobpq.exe.

      73, Joachim

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, John Wiseman <john.wiseman@...> wrote:
      > Joachim,
      > Does agwtobpq crash if you run one of the programs at a time?
      > Do you get any error messages from agwtobpq?
      > 73, John G8BPQ
      > joachimnienstedt <joachimnienstedt@...> wrote:
      > >Hi John and others
      > >my english is not so good but I want to try to explain my problem.
      > >I have installed BPQ32 5.2.91 on my PC. For some programs I want to use the AGWtoBPQ.exe.
      > >The programs are WPP (Windows Packet Program), AGWTracker, Paxon, etc. They are currently working very well with the AGWPE.
      > >Unfortunately the AGWtoBPQ crashes after some time when i use one of my Packet programs. I tried it on different machines with different operating systems. Desktop PC with Windows 2008 Server RC2 64bit, Notebook with Windows XP Professional 32bit, Windows XP Professional 32bit on a virtual machine. The time to the crash is different. Times only a few seconds / minutes and then it works sometimes 30 minutes. If I myself connect to other Stations the crash comes sooner than when I receive only. AQWtoBPQ is configured on port 8001 with 6 streams and APPLMask 0x6 for Application 2 and 3.
      > >I hope there is a solution to my problem, because I would like to use the BPQ32.
      > >55/73 Joachim
      > >
      > >
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