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9120AGWtoBPQ Crash

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  • joachimnienstedt
    Oct 6, 2012
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      Hi John and others
      my english is not so good but I want to try to explain my problem.
      I have installed BPQ32 5.2.91 on my PC. For some programs I want to use the AGWtoBPQ.exe.
      The programs are WPP (Windows Packet Program), AGWTracker, Paxon, etc. They are currently working very well with the AGWPE.
      Unfortunately the AGWtoBPQ crashes after some time when i use one of my Packet programs. I tried it on different machines with different operating systems. Desktop PC with Windows 2008 Server RC2 64bit, Notebook with Windows XP Professional 32bit, Windows XP Professional 32bit on a virtual machine. The time to the crash is different. Times only a few seconds / minutes and then it works sometimes 30 minutes. If I myself connect to other Stations the crash comes sooner than when I receive only. AQWtoBPQ is configured on port 8001 with 6 streams and APPLMask 0x6 for Application 2 and 3.
      I hope there is a solution to my problem, because I would like to use the BPQ32.
      55/73 Joachim
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