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9115Retrieving messages sent to SYSOP

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  • Daniel Goodier
    Oct 5, 2012
      Hi All,
      This is a rather basic configuration question but here goes . . .
      On the Configuration > BBS Params tab you can specify the SYSOP Call and in my case that has been set to VE3NI,
      In addition, you have the ability to to Send SYSTEM Msgs to SYSOP call, and I have enabled it.
      This works PERFECTLY as I get all the SYSTEM msgs.
      My question is how do I have all incoming packet messages sent to SYSOP enabled such that I can retrieve these messages when I check for messages as VE3NI?
      I thought when I set the "Include SYSOP msgs in LM" in the user profile for VE3NI that maybe it would do the trick but no joy.
      Daniel  VE3NI / NI2D
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