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9108RE: [BPQ32] manual node routes

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  • Mike
    Oct 4, 2012

      You will need to tie BPQ32 to TNOS usually via AXUDP if BPQ & TNOS are
      on the same machine in bpq32.cfg
      AXIP Port you would Map the TNOS Call the Computer LAN IP Address UDP
      Port B
      Example: (TNOS Node Call N9PMO-7)
      N9PMO-7 UDP 93 B

      Now on the JNOS Machine, the Node call of BPQ32 would replace the TNOS
      In bpq32.cfg, AXIP port if you are using AUTOADDMAP you should only need
      the JNOS Node to send the
      Call to BPQ32 Node, the AUTOADDMAP will resolve the TNOS Node call and
      add it to the BPQNODES.date file
      And shouldn’t be needed to be mapped in but it does not hurt too have
      the TNOS Node Call mapped in.

      If TNOS & BPQ32 are on different machines just use the correct LAN
      address for each machine, TNOS
      Pointing to the BPQ32 Computer LAN Address.

      Since TNOS is the second machine with TNC the connection, the connection
      may have to be made first from BPQ Node to
      The TNOS Node Call then on to the RF Node Call, if the quality of the RF
      Node in TNOS & BPQ Nodes Table
      is high enough then you should be able to make a single connection from
      BPQ32 to the RF Node.

      Let us know if you are in need of further help.


      Mike N9PMO

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      Subject: [BPQ32] manual node routes

      can anyone tell me if there is a way to manually add a nocfe  route via
      a nettom neighbor
      in bpq? ie:
      Node A to Node C via Node B
      node A being bpq, node C being a node on the otherside of node B (node B
      is Tnos)  (node C is RF)

      thanks in advance
      Glenn Bursell - KAØMOS
       KA0MOS/VE1 Packet Radio Page  http://ka0mos.no-ip.com
      Lunenburg County ARC Web  Page  http://lcarc.no-ip.org
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