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9101Re: Receiving FRMR Frames, Unrecognized Data on Transmit?

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  • James Hamilton
    Oct 2, 2012

      Thanks for looking at this.

      Attached are the current full config, the output from BPQ's monitor
      window, and a full trace from my home station.

      W3LRC is a club station that I'm working on. NF8I is my home station.
      W3CB is another nearby station that can be reached from W3LRC, but I
      have no control over it, and I can't hear it from my home shack.

      In the trace, I first connect to W3LRC from my home shack, and you can
      see the FRMR frames there. Next, I connect from W3LRC to W3CB-10, and
      you can see how the first command is fine, and the following commands

      Thanks for a great piece of software! I ran it with great success
      from my home shack (using a PK88) while testing it; it's only been
      since we tried to put the club equipment (the KAM XL) on the air that
      we've had trouble.

      73 de NF8I,

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