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8992RE: [BPQ32] TNC for the Raspberry PI

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  • John Wiseman
    Aug 5, 2012
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      The full pinout of the PI 26 way is on the PI website.  The are four connections. Red and black for power and ground. The TNC is powered from the PI. Green and white for TX and RX data (which way round depends on which end you are looking from). TXD from the TNC goes via a resitive divider to drop the 5V from the TNC to 3.3V for the PI. 
      I'm planning to create a board including the PI connector, but if anyone wants to experiment in the mean time I'll publish the mods to a standard TNC-X.

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      Whats the pinout on the rasp pi? It looks like a green,brown and white wires between the pi and tnc-x, Im gueesing thats power to the tnc-x?

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      Hi folks,

      I've got a modified TNC-X working with the PI. See photos



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