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8843My Testing VB2010 BPQ32 API Demo Apt

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  • kb2scs@optonline.net
    Jul 7, 2012
    Hi John
    I have some answers.
    I just do not know the "Why's"

    I have BQP32 installed on my Win7 64 bit PC.
    I down loaded the demo Apt that you posted on dropbox,
    When I ran the demo apt inside the vb2010 ide I got the following
    bpq32.dll not found.

    I tried a bunch of things. Some of the things I tried
    got rid of the not found error but made different errors come up.
    Then I decided to make a new vb2010 program. I then added a
    few lines from your demo apt and then ran the new program.
    No errors.
    I then added more lines from the demo apt. Still no errors.
    This went on until I had added all the lines from the demo apt
    into the new vb2010 program. No errors.

    So the fix seems to be any developer who wants to use the
    BPQ32 API to take your demo program and cut and paste
    the lines into a new vb2010 program.

    I have included a screen shot of the new vb2010 program running.
    As you can see I am not using the latest BPQ32.dll.
    I included this screen shot so you can see if this is what the demo
    program is supposed to do. IE start up BPQ32.

    I am guessing that when vb2010 upgrades the demo program from
    vb2005 to vb2010 something is lost or added in the translation.
    Not to the original code but to the underling code that vb2010
    makes automatically.
    Or there is a full moon over Ronkonkoma today.

    Let us hope we never witness the "Silence Of The Hams"
    73 DE John KB2SCS
    E-Mail: kb2scs@...
    Web Page: http://www.qsl.net/kb2scs
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