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8838Having fun with BPQAPRS!

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  • n5in_ron
    Jul 6, 2012
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      Just for fun I set my filter to m/100 u/APBPQ* and expanded the view for the map to the entire world. I didn't do Actions\Set Filter to Current View as that would be a no no.

      Slowly BPQ32 stations are appearing, in USA, Africa, Australia, Europe.

      I APRS texted MB7VEK who I saw on the map as a test and struck up a conversation when he replied.

      The only strange thing I am noticing is some digipeaters are showing up at 00.000N 000.000W, including a few UIDIGI-ROM radio nodes in my area which I am obviously IGating. Can't see anything wrong with their beacon text as yet.....

      Ron, AE5E
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