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8753RE: [BPQ32] Re: Airmail using BPQ on a Kenwood 710

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  • N9ACQ
    Jun 19, 2012
    First Airmail is not a WL2K gateway program. It also is a WL2K
    client, like RMS Express. Second the Airmail station you are trying to
    connect to needs to be configured to allow connections from other stations.
    Look at the Auto-answer settings. Third you probably need to use RMS Express
    P-P connection, with message posted for P-P transfer.
    You can by defining a virtual COM port in BPQ and have Airmail use
    that COM port, Then big question is will BPQ support the D710 properly? You
    might be better off just getting an old KPC-3, rather than configuring BPQ
    and all the support it will require.

    More important what are you specifically attempting to accomplish.
    This sounds like classic packet BBS operation, but with B2F compression and

    Now to the original problem. Does the D710 indicate it is in packet
    mode? Can you make a packet connection to a real RMS Packet station? Using
    the Simple Terminal Program can you make a connection to another classic
    packet station? If you monitor the frequency cad you hear packets in both
    73 Bill
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