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8634RE: [BPQ32] re Unproto

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  • John Wiseman
    Jun 8 1:19 PM
      The version of BPQ32 that has just been released (thanks Ron!) includes a
      basic Unproto facility. To enter Unproto mode, enter the UNPROTO command at
      the Node prompt. Parameters are Port, Dest, and optional Digi(s), for


      Once in Unproto Mode, anything typed will be sent as an Unproto frame. To
      exit Unproto mode, enter ctrl/Z.

      With the current code, only what you send will appear in the terminal output
      window. To see what others are sending, you must use the monitor window. To
      make this a bit easier, an option to monitor only UI packets has been added
      to the BPQ32 MDI Monitor window, and to BPQTerminal and BPQTermTCP.

      John G8BPQ
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