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8505Re: [BPQ32] Is this the proper S/W to use

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  • Andre
    May 5, 2012
      On Sat, 05 May 2012 04:43:43 +0200, kirkdehaan <captkirk@...>

      > I am new to using BPQ and have not gotten it up and running yet. That
      > is only for lack of some understanding on my part. That I will work
      > through. What I would like to know is this the proper S/W for what I
      > have in mind, before I get too involved?
      > I am an ARES member here in N. Idaho and am thinking of having an
      > installation on a laptop for use during incidents. The intent is to
      > have a place to leave data messages that need to be passed via RMS
      > Express to the outside. We do not have a connection here to a local
      > Winlink node so must use HF and will have one station handling that
      > traffic. Hope to remedy that in the future.
      You do not need RMS Express localy, you can leave and read messages using
      the build in mailserver of BPQ32 (pop3 and smtp) with any email client
      BPQ32 can do the forwarding to a remote HF RMS (pactor packet or the new
      trimode), a paclink client, RMS Express client or another BPQ32.

      > It would also be nice to have a place to have general message from non
      > ARES members that may be inquiring about status, etc.
      No problem you have a full featured BBS able to handle winlink mail,
      personal mail, NTS mail, it's own email gateway and bulitains.

      > Will the BPQMailChat app fit this need? I have cruised the messages and
      > haven't really seen any appropriate answer.
      > N6SXR - Kirk

      73 Andre PE1RDW
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