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8503RE: [BPQ32] Is this the proper S/W to use

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  • N9ACQ
    May 4, 2012
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    The problem will be moving messages between BPQ Mail and RMS
    Express. They use different file types. As Mike mentioned BPQ can, via
    telnet, move messages between classic packet users and the Winlink system.
    This will not work if you lose internet service. Another solution is would
    be to use RMS Packet, with or without BPQ, to provide a similar service.
    Another roadblock will be the addressing of messages between the end user
    and the Email address message is intended for. The real solution would be
    Pactor 3 for HF forwarding from RMS Relay.
    Their maybe one manual solution, Message addressed to your RMS
    Express with message giving destination internet address for the real
    message the attachment is for. A message, addressed to RMS Express, from
    Winlink client, via packet, to RMS Packet, via internal connection, to RMS
    Express. Then retrieved from RMS Express and attachment detached. New
    message from RMS Express, with attachment, too email address, given in the
    original message, via WINMOR to RMS Winmor. Soundcards are not the solution
    to all digital communications situations or systems.
    73 Bill
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