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8484RE: [BPQ32] Chat links and general axip failure

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  • Mike Melnik
    May 1, 2012
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    Using BPQ Terminal, enter the command S scroll up a bit look at the Known
    Nodes/Max Nodes
    If equal or close to, you will need to increase your Max Nodes= in the
    global section of bpq32.cfg
    Let me know, you may be getting flooded from my node, there is another way
    that will help.

    Once your nodes table is full it will make connection impossible .

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    Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 6:51 AM
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    Subject: [BPQ32] Chat links and general axip failure

    I operate KD8NCV-1 -3 -7 and so on...
    I have been unable to get any connection to the chat links
    and even if
    I use 'MH' to see what stations I have been able to hear on
    the axip,
    it still dosen't want to link to anything.

    I am linked up with the ohiopacket VPN and can't even
    connect to them
    at all... Is anyone else experiences such wierdness, but I
    worked and
    worked on the problem for the last few days and have not
    come up with


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