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843Re: New version of bpqded16.dll and bpqded32.dll uploaded

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  • MIchael Melnik Sr.
    Nov 23, 2007
      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "John Wiseman" <john.wiseman@...> wrote:
      > John G8BPQ
      Does the BPQDED32.DLL (renamed TFWIN32dll) allow for monitoring in
      7.00E? or do you use the BPQDED16.DLL? the date of the BPQDED32.DLL is
      2006 version 1,0,0,1

      > I've just uploaded a new version of my DEDHOST emulation routines.
      > These allow programs that use DED host mode (eg Wfbb16, Wfbb32,
      > TSTHWIN) to use BPQ32.
      > This version enables monitoring, and fixes a delay on startup with
      > wfbb16 and wfbb32.
      > I suggest that if you are running wfbb.exe, you set up a shortcut,
      > set the option "Run in separate memory space". This will ensure that
      > the interface is closed tidily when fbb is shut down.
      > 73,
      > John G8BPQ
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