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8228RE: [BPQ32] Kiss TNC-X

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  • John Wiseman
    Apr 4, 2012
      If you are referring to the APRS Map, your location is set in the APRSDIGI section of BPQ32.cfg, with the LAT and LON statements. Position is in normal APRS format - eg LAT=5259.04N  LON=00107.01W  .(DDMM.MM or DDDMM.MM).
      For the BPQ32 Nodes Map  http://nodemap.g8bpq.net:81/ the postion cones from the LOCATOR statement. This is either a "Grid Square", eg LOCATOR=IO92KX, or decimal degrees, positive for N and E, negative for S and W, eg LOCATOR=58.47576, -6.21168.
      BPQNODES.exe is a program to save the Nodes table, and runs as a DOS program. The node is an integral part of bpq32, and always runs. To link to other nodes you have to get to grips with the NETROM concepts and parameters. including QUALITY.

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      I want to thank those who helped me with this.  I received two flavors of script for the TNC-X and they both worked.  Thank you.

      I changed  the J1 and J2 jumpers on the TNC-X to 9600 baud.  Some old project must have had me at the 1200.  I also connected to the serial port to keep it simple stupid for me and not get into the issues of USB to Serial adapters.  I can later try to connect using the adapter.  But the serial port keeps the guessing out of it for now.

      I did a complete reinstall by deleting all reference to BPQ32 in the registry and on the C drive.

      I was able to connect to anoth er station and monitor the freq. which was excellent! J

      I copied my OSM directory to the location required by BPQ32 and the maps came up fine.  Still think an improvement would be to be able to point to a path and use that path rather than having dual directories to save drive space.

      Question:  How do I get my station out of  Africa?  I thought the lats and the longs placed in the Locator area might be what trips this for BPQ32APRS?  It just might and I just have the lats and longs format written in the wrong way.  Example shown for the Locator is a little sketchy as it shows right now in the BPQ32.cfg file.  Not sure if there is a “/R 21; you enter between the “nn”

      Question:  I do not have a node setup right.  I click on BPQ32Nodes.exe and it goes to the Dos screen but then closes.  I also need to understand Quality I think to do a node.

      Thanks for the help on getting me started and glad to be able to make some packets with BPQ32.

      Jerry N7YGE. 

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      Subject: RE: [BPQ32] Kiss TNC-X



      You should really have downloaded the installer from the link on the first
      page of the Yahoo group - the three files on the Files section are there in
      case you ever need to install an older version. Now you have it, there is no
      need to re-download it, but for new releases use the direct links.

      You can't change wher e BPQAPRS saves its OSM files, but you could copy
      existing files to the BPQ folder. But the format of tiles has changed
      recently, so it may be better just to let them download again.

      A typical TNC-X (or any KISS TNC) config is:


      ID=KISS COM2
      SPEED=9600 ; See comment below re PC-TNC speed


      Are you sure the TNC-X has an async speed of 1200? - that is very low.
      Normally the PC to TNC link is 9600 or 19200.
      The radio speed is normally 1200 for VHF. Change the SPEED= param above to
      match the TNC-PC speed. You may also want to tunw
      TXDELAY to suit your radio. You will also need to change the QUALITY value
      if you want to run node-node links on the port.

      John G8BPQ


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      Subject: [BPQ32] Kiss TNC-X

      New guy on the block trying to use BPQ 32 for a RF only BBS and Terminal to
      connect to other stations and monitor the RF. Once I get this all running,
      I would like to add the APRS capability to be able to monitor a map showing
      all BBS's on the frequency I have my BBS on. I already have an OSM
      directory but did not know how to point the BPQ32 APRS to that directory. I
      did not want to duplicate it. But this is to be added later.

      Here is where I am so far:

      I downloaded the 3 files on the yahoo group:




      QUESTION: When the exe file installs, does it automatically install the two
      gsd files? I have to assume yes.

      I tried to use a KPC3 without success of knowing if it was in the kiss mode.
      So I replaced it with a TNC-x.

      TNX-x is on com port 2 with a speed of 1200.

      Does anyone have a BPQ32.cfg file that dies the above configuration?

      I am not able to get the TNC-X to TX. Even if I could get the TNC-X lines
      of code to paste into the BPQ32.cfg file might be a good start.

      Thanks for any help you can offer. Okay to send BPQ32.cfg file directly to
      my email so as not to load up this group.

      Thank you.

      Jerry N7YGE

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