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811Re: Logging into BPQ32 via Telnet with other OS X/Linux

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  • Josh Housey
    Nov 3, 2007
      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Josh Housey" <kg9bo@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > The name here is Josh, AB9FT (kg9bo is my former call) from Sheboygan,
      > Wisconsin.
      > I just recent purchased a sound card interface to use it for packet
      > with my Icom dual-band mobile. I am running this as a "secondary"
      > packet station for other packet stuff such as the ISS. When it is not
      > there, I leave on a regular packet frequency for a "personal" packet
      > station. The main stuff is tied to regular packet and HF/VHF APRS. I
      > had anticipated to get all of this running under Linux with a program
      > called soundmodem but Linux doesn't like my PTT device (USB/Serial
      > adapter). Instead, I have to use AGWPE.
      > So far, it is not doing a bad job. I am finding all the programs that
      > I need (digipeater, pbbs program, node program, etc). I could access
      > all of this stuff off the radio if I want to. I want the option to be
      > able to access the station off telnet from the local are network to
      > access its radio.
      > So far, there were two setups that are thought to work with this. The
      > first was TelMgr and Digiplex but I cannot get that working at all.
      > The other setup is BPQ32. This is what is strange about this. BPQ32's
      > Remote Telnet Server works for all purposes and it is indicated to be
      > running and it is.
      > The thing is that when I telnet to it via Windows (at this computer),
      > everything works correctly. I get the user, password prompts, enter
      > them correctly and I get the BPQ32 node. When I try this with a Mac or
      > Linux, I get the user prompt and enter my call and I don't get the
      > password prompt at all.
      > I There was an option in the Remote Telnet Server config file that was
      > local echo and changed it and it did nothing. The only other thing
      > would be is that BPQ32 doesn't accept LAN connections but I don't
      > think this is right.
      > f anyone has had luck telneting into BPQ32 with something other than
      > Windows, I would like their suggestions with this. If it is going to
      > involve changing my Mac/Unix clients to do this, I wouldn't have an
      > idea where to start.
      > All suggestions will be appreciated.
      > 73
      > Josh, AB9FT

      I have gotten this to work with a Unix telnet client called PuTTY.
      This client also works well with Windows as well.

      For some reason, I changed nothing with PuTTY and got the
      user/password correctly when I telneted into it.

      If any has been able to do this with the telnet command in a terminal
      with Linux/Mac OS X, I would be interested in any responses.

      I have a feature request for the Remote Telnet Server and for BPQ32,
      if it has not been done. What I would like to do is to connect to the
      laptop that is running AGWPE/BPQ and get a trace of its radio ports.
      It is the same idea as the Telnet Remote Server but add the ability t
      monitor the radio ports. As far as I am aware, none of the AGW
      programs will do this, they require the use of the Windows machine. I
      don't want to do this but be able to do everything from my Mac.

      I can already do this with a program called TelMgr but it doesn't
      display what digipeater the packets are coming from. Other then that,
      it does a good job of displaying everything else.

      Josh, AB9FT
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