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810Logging into BPQ32 via Telnet with other OS X/Linux

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  • Josh Housey
    Nov 3, 2007
      Hi All,

      The name here is Josh, AB9FT (kg9bo is my former call) from Sheboygan,

      I just recent purchased a sound card interface to use it for packet
      with my Icom dual-band mobile. I am running this as a "secondary"
      packet station for other packet stuff such as the ISS. When it is not
      there, I leave on a regular packet frequency for a "personal" packet
      station. The main stuff is tied to regular packet and HF/VHF APRS. I
      had anticipated to get all of this running under Linux with a program
      called soundmodem but Linux doesn't like my PTT device (USB/Serial
      adapter). Instead, I have to use AGWPE.

      So far, it is not doing a bad job. I am finding all the programs that
      I need (digipeater, pbbs program, node program, etc). I could access
      all of this stuff off the radio if I want to. I want the option to be
      able to access the station off telnet from the local are network to
      access its radio.

      So far, there were two setups that are thought to work with this. The
      first was TelMgr and Digiplex but I cannot get that working at all.
      The other setup is BPQ32. This is what is strange about this. BPQ32's
      Remote Telnet Server works for all purposes and it is indicated to be
      running and it is.

      The thing is that when I telnet to it via Windows (at this computer),
      everything works correctly. I get the user, password prompts, enter
      them correctly and I get the BPQ32 node. When I try this with a Mac or
      Linux, I get the user prompt and enter my call and I don't get the
      password prompt at all.

      I There was an option in the Remote Telnet Server config file that was
      local echo and changed it and it did nothing. The only other thing
      would be is that BPQ32 doesn't accept LAN connections but I don't
      think this is right.

      f anyone has had luck telneting into BPQ32 with something other than
      Windows, I would like their suggestions with this. If it is going to
      involve changing my Mac/Unix clients to do this, I wouldn't have an
      idea where to start.

      All suggestions will be appreciated.

      Josh, AB9FT
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