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805Re: [BPQ32] Help, I'm lost here...

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  • Art Bertheaume
    Oct 28, 2007
      Hi Mike,
        Jim Oberhofer, KN6PE, has put together an excellent set up guide for the combination of BPQ and F6FBB you are using at this link:
      Get your RF operations going first and then proceed on to telnet operations.
      Jim is also the author of Outpost.  More info on Outpost is at this link:
      Art,  N9ZZK

      n7zef <n7zef@...> wrote:
      I am trying to setup a BBS here by using BBQ 4.08 and WinFbb7.00i on a
      PII laptop, 233 MMX, 96 meg Win'98sp2.
      I can get the BPQ to work by itself, and all works well there. If I
      change the settings in WinFbb to "test mode" all works there. But if I
      go the whole route with all, the machine either locks up or gets the
      I have followed all the documentation I have found as far as setting
      this all up, and the suggested settings of using Win'98.
      My goal here is to have a packet BBS in the area that I can send/
      receive packet messages via telenet for others in the area.

      Any Suggestions anyone?

      Mike - N7ZEF

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