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802RE: [BPQ32] Network card in Windows XP with BPQ32

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  • John Wiseman
    Oct 9, 2007
      Hi Misco,
      It is possible to run bpq32.exe as a service using Microsoft's srvany utility, but I have not done any significant testing with this. It would probably be better to get your partners to use UDP rather than raw IP, if that is possible.
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      John Wiseman wrote:

      > Hi Misco,
      > I think this is caused by running without admin rights in XP. It seems that
      > only admin uses can use raw sockets, as used by AX/IP. You could try either
      > switching to AX/UDP, or runing bpq32 as an administrator.

      Thank you John. Is it possible to start bpq32 as a system service (in
      the background) regardless of the user's rights? That might be a solution.

      Misko YT7MPB

      > 73,
      > John
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      > Subject: [BPQ32] Network card in Windows XP with BPQ32
      > Hi,
      > Recently I changed the NIC in my computer, in order to enable Windows XP
      > to use it. (Earlier it was a NE2000 clone ISA card that Windows 2000
      > recognized, but XP did not. Now it is a 3C905 PCI one which both OS's
      > can install.) The problem is that under Windows 2000 (multi-boot
      > computer) BPQ32 uses the card without problems /as it did before with
      > the old card/, but under Windows XP I get a message "Bind Failed for RAW
      > socket - error code = 10013". Btw, the local area network between that
      > computer and the other one is quite fine, it seems just BPQ does not
      > want to initialize. Any idea? Any difference between the OS's related to
      > BPQ32?
      > Misko YT7MPB

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