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790Callsigns in bpqcfg.txt must be in upper case!

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  • Ron Stordahl N5IN
    Aug 9 8:56 AM
      I have been helping Roger G3LDI getting BPQ32 to interface with
      CC-Cluster using BPQ32's AGWtoBPQ and CC-Cluster's AGW2CCC interfaces.

      I carefully checked the configuration files, the most confusing part
      being the various port numbers in use, but failed to notice that in
      bpqcfg.txt the NODECALL, NODEALIAS and BBSCALL were in lower case.
      It's probably the BBSCALL in lower case which was causing the problem.

      Surprisingly BPQ32 was functional and could link to other BPQ's, the
      problem was with the interface to CC-Cluster.

      Bpqcfg.exe should probably convert them to uppercase at compile time,
      but for now be sure to use uppercase for these params.

      Ron, N5IN