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7885RE: [BPQ32] Link between Win/BPQ32 and Linux/FPAC

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  • John Wiseman
    Feb 25, 2012
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      I haven’t tried that combination. I use wireshark to debug  AXIP/AXUDP problems. There is plugin (in the Related Files section of a BPQ32 install) that decodes axip and axudp. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the lastest Wireshark. but is fine with the  version  I’m running (1.4.3),






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      Subject: [BPQ32] Link between Win/BPQ32 and Linux/FPAC




      I have been trying to interconnect BPQ32 nodes in the home LAN with
      Linux/FPAC nodes (dual-boot comps). It seems to me that FPAC only wants
      to see AXUDP connecting channels, so I added AXIPUDP ports to my BPQ32
      nodes (before that I had only BPQETHER ports on these nodes). A couple
      of questions now:

      1. It seems to me that my BPQ32 nodes continue to talk each-other
      successfully by using BPQETHER ports but not by using AXIPUDP ports,
      because in the respective MH lists I can only see the neighboring node
      callsigns within BPQETHER ports but nothing in AXIUDP ports. Does it
      mean that AXIPUDP ports work or not, and how I can test these new-added
      ports? /What I do monitor, related to the AXIPUDP ports, is just their
      transmitting lines, having 'T' after the timestamps./

      2. Any existing experience with such or similar approach of
      interconnecting Win/BPQ32 and Linux/FPAC in the wired LANs?


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