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776Re: [BPQ32] Fw: HELP

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  • aar0ar
    Jul 2, 2007
      About your best bet is to find a copy of QEMM.  You might try this site.
      This will let you manage memory on your computer and get it to work. This is what we all used with bpq and the packet cluster in the "old" days.  Deskview by Quarterdeck might also
      be useful.  But frankly its easier to just change computers IMHO.
      I don't have a copy anymore but its available evidently,  the company that purchased quarterdeck no longer supports it.  The above site is for reference only as I haven't downloaded from it, just found it on google.
      Regards Jay WS7I

      On 7/2/07, mi0rsn <mi0rsn@...> wrote:
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      From: mi0rsn
      Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2007 8:42 PM
      Subject: HELP

      Hi,is there anyone that could help me with the set up of bbq.Got he software set up with the help of John.The computer tells me that there is not enough memory to run it.I am running everything in device high and dos 622.I have about 600k of memory left, but it won't run on it.If you have any ideas what I am doing wrong please would you e mail me at mi0rsn@....
      Thankyou for your assistance.
      73- MI0RSN

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