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  • Jerry
    Feb 4, 2012

      Hi Bill no it did not.. You are correct.. But I was in Bloomington Indiana that day and they lost all comms via Phone lines pay and otherwise, and cellphones for most of the day.. And yes that meant no internet.. Systems all over the country were also affected to some degree.. Not just in NY.. Mostly here was claimed overload due to  every tom dick and Harriet calling their mother brother sister uncle and cousin to tell them what happened.. Payphones.. “All circuits are busy” Cellphones “all circuits are busy” (first time I ever heard that on a cellphone.  Laptop in lobby of hotel.. No internet.. could not get to anywhere.. Too slow timed out often… Was the story in most places.. May not have been like that everywhere.. Maybe today they have better infrastructure to handle such an event.. I would hope..  To say the internet will or will not be affected by the NEXT disaster is really hard to say..


      I understand the Internet is a huge conglomeration of systems. I do believe it would be difficult to harm the internet intentionally, could happen with the right plan.. But today there are many more people using many more CONNECTED devices then on 911.. Overload I am sure is still a viable simple way to shut it out, if OFF is the wrong word…


      Thanks Bob… Pleasure conversing…




      73 jerry n9lya





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                      On 9/11 the internet did not go down worldwide. NY city lost communications because most of their systems were located on the towers, without any backup capability. Yes there was a tremendous loss of life but it was confined to a relative small area. Tornados have a greater destruction area, let alone hurricanes.

                      The internet is not one monolithic structure that can be brought down with ease. It has many nodes, like the packet networks, and multiple routes between nodes. In addition not all nodes use the same operating system, or level of a specific operating system. So attacks would need to be launched for 5 – 10 different operating systems, and each level of the operating systems. I think the first, and set the tone, was the movie WAR GAMES.  Obviously the writer had no idea how the government secures their critical networks. Let alone the interconnections between then, which might or might not exist.

      73 Bill


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