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7589RE: [BPQ32] How do you use BPQ?

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  • Jerry
    Feb 4, 2012


      I personally still do not see and never will, why anyone would have had to marry RF with the internet.. End of my statement regarding that.. It’s done I do it too…  Just wish it never happened….


      I was more in line with my comments regarding relaying of messages.. Over RF when phones and inet maybe down locally or globally..  More so than a CHAT round table.. I find it hard to visualize anyone would have time to establish a CHAT Round table in times of emergencies.. regardless of connection options.. But I may just not understand Marks idea on that well enough..  I do know with RF over VHF you could have a fairly adequate CHAT round table.. in the Days of MSYS we used to chat on MSYS Converse Mode on HF .. Not bad.. I would consider it slow compared to internet but it was doable.. If nothing else works and HF does it for you why the heck not… If you lose your hammer and need to drive a nail, I am sure you would go for a wrench, crowbar or even a 2x4.. Not the best choice but could get the job done.


      Yes HF is imperfect to naysayers.  but from experience I can get a message from here to say Indy in one hope at 300 baud packet on one of three HF bands 30 40 80 30 most of day 80 most of Night and 40 most of the other time.. As well as by VHF … Without touching the Network called the Internet. 


      I realize he specifically stated HF but with a little planning power backup and such he can have a network that works well with HF/VHF/UHF  and  the internet or works well without the internet.. For times when the internet may be down..


      Of course all this is moot if the President decides to shut down:


      Ham Radio like they did in WWII


      Or The internet as he  can do with the flip of a switch..


      And yes even the GPS Satellites … by his command.


      If our next disaster should be WWIII  or he gets his panties in a knot.



      Must plan for the worst and hope nothing happens..



      Hey to change the subject.. Slightly off topic, but could affect Mobile BPQ32 Packet Ops (how’s that for keeping it on topic)..and their GO KITS.. as well as anyone else with a Ham Radio in their vehicle,  I heard in Illinois something about a law that would / could ban all mobile Ham Ops.. Is this something to take serious.. Sounds like more silly politics with paranoia or hyperbole which is it anyone know.


      Please correct me where I may have miss understood points of contention.. It late for me and I been working since Friday 3 am  till this afternoon with no nap, just occasional breaks to run home for food... lol Lost three motors,  200 400 and a  1250 HP motor at work within 6 hours.. (power dips) lots of work. No intention of offending anyone..


      I do have a differing opinion then most here as to the viability of HF 300 Baud Packet.. It works for me.. I like it…


      73 Jerry N9LYA






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                      Just use HF SSB. BPQ is the wrong tool for the intended job.

      73 Bill


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