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7556RE: [BPQ32] BPQ32 APRS & Wx Station

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  • Bill Erhardt
    Feb 1, 2012

      Howdy gang,


      I am planning on checkout Johns APRS Igate  and test my WX Station.   Good to see others out there giving it a try. 


      Don’t forget that there is also APRS Link to send Winlink Messages via APRS to the Winlink System.  You and send and receive about 700 characters ( 10 Lines) on APRS and retrieve Winlink messages from the CMS Servers !!!


      Here in Montana we have very little packet activity.  Our APRS system is much more extensive and there are several IGATES/Mountain top Digis out there that will route my Winlink e-mails if we have a localized power, internet, or whatever outage.


      Cheers  Bill K7MT


      Enjoy life! It does have an expiration date! (Thanks Wendy)

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