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744Re: [BPQ32] Re: Problems With Telpac

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  • Art Bertheaume
    May 12, 2007
          Clint did not state that he is running AGW along with BPQ and he did state he has AGWtoBPQ on port 8001.  The deffault port on set up for Telpac is 8000.  I didn't assume he was running both applications and it can't hurt to have Telpac pointed to 8001 if that is what AGWtoBPQ is on.  But after more thought,  Clint either changed Telpac to 8001 or he is running AGW also, Otherwise, Telpac would not have initialized to begin with.   
      Mark Harloff <mharloff@...> wrote:

      I am confused (as well as Clint may be)..

      Why would a change need to be made from 8000 to any other the UDP port
      for the interface between AGW and BPQ on the same machine..(I assume he
      is running Both applications on the same machine)..?

      Am I missing something here ?

      - Mark

      abertheaume wrote:
      > Clint,
      > One suggestion.. . Are you running AGW along with BPQ? If not, make
      > sure the AGW port in Telpac is set to 8001 also. Even if you do
      > have AGW running, try changiing the Telpac port regardless and see
      > if that makes a difference.
      > Art, N9ZZK
      > -- In BPQ32@yahoogroups. com <mailto:BPQ32% 40yahoogroups. com>, "cprealm"
      > <clint.parrish@ ...> wrote:
      >> I'm having problems connecting to Telpac from my BPQ node. When I
      > try
      >> to connect, I get "Sorry - All TELPAC ports are in use." TELPAC
      >> initializes fine with AGWtoBPQ on port 8001. I have tried some of
      > the
      >> other suggestions already posted and haven't found a solution. Here
      >> is a sample from the application part of my config file:
      >> APPL4CALL=KC9S- 10
      >> APPL4QUAL=255
      >> APPL5CALL=KC9S- 3
      >> APPL5ALIAS=DX
      >> APPL5QUAL=255
      >> ;
      >> KC9S-10 is my TELPAC node. My Applmask=0x10. My DX cluster, and
      > BBS
      >> are running perfectly. I just can't get TELPAC to work. Please
      > help.
      >> Thanks.
      >> Clint, KC9S

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