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735Re: [BPQ32] Re: BPQ32 and Windows 2000

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  • Miroslav Skoric (YT7MPB)
    Apr 21, 2007
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      Hi all,

      I tried to experiment with an Ethernet link between two computers, one
      Windows 2000 Pro running BPQ32 4.10a and a DOS machine running BPQ
      4.08a. After both BPQ's are started, they seem to stay without problems
      as long as they just idle, exchange their nodes lists, send their
      beacons around etc. But soon after I 'connect' one switch from the
      other, regardless of direction, BPQ32 gets into problems and its Console
      start displaying:

      Error sending the packet:
      Error sending the packet:
      Error sending the packet:
      Error sending the packet:

      In the same time it is obvious that the link between two machines is
      dead so Windows 2000 Pro, on which BPQ32 is running, must be re-booted
      in order to start a 'healthy' new session of BPQ32. It makes me wonder
      what might be a problem.

      On the other side, I am interested in establishing (if possible) an AXIP
      link between Windows/BPQ32 4.10a and DOS/BPQ 4.08a, instead of Ethernet
      link. I mean, if I run BPQ32 with an AXIP port it doesn't get into
      similar problem. But I don't know how to setup AXIP in 4.08a. I tried to
      look for setup details but haven't found anything. Is 4.09 better in
      that way?


      Misko YT7MPB
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