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733Re: [BPQ32] Re: BPQ32 and Windows 2000

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  • Art Bertheaume
    Apr 16 2:18 PM
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      This is simply not true, at least not for FBB7e.  We have version E running at several locations on several platforms flawlessly and CPU usage is never very great.  On one system,  using Windows XP, we have BPQ, Telpac, APRS FBBe, Ui-NWS, NWSGET, DYNDNS, Echolink, FBBDNS and Fastchat, all running with only 256meg of RAM without problems.  That particular machine has run continuously for three weeks.  FBB uses 7,120k of mem, nothing compared to the 26,000 that Ui-View is using.  and yes, when a forward session first begins, CPU usage climbs a bit but no where near 100% .   
      But on to the question at hand...
        I wonder if it may be with the BPQDED set up that is causing FBB to be such a CPU hog.  I had the same thing happen when I used FBB with the PK-232 host mode driver for my HF port.  That in itself made me quit using that driver and move to AGW at the time.  To be truthful, I did not run the BPQDED very long and never really noticed CPU usage with it running.  I will fire that computer up tomorrow and see what happens with it. "It is your statement of "before I started to use BPQ32 (just used FBB) > there was no such behavior"
      that makes me tend to think this way.
      Art,  N9ZZK

      "MIchael Melnik Sr." <m.melnik@...> wrote:
      Misko YT7MPB

      The problem you are having is with the 16 Bit Version of FBB open
      The task manager you will see the processor usage is probably at
      100% the same will be with 7.00G with 7.00E 32 Bit still runs very high
      Usually about 50% when forwarding takes place usage will run even higher
      I have tried all three but abanded them because of there poor
      preformance, i would recommend switching to WINFBB 7.01-35, i run 7.01
      BPQ32410a-Feb2007, UI VIEW, UI-NWS, Weather Watcher for UI-VIEW
      and FBB BEACON Weather Display, TELPAC, UI-VIEW FCC Server DYNDNS
      Updater and Echo Link all on a 1.1G Celeron 512M Memory Processor
      usage is 6-10%.
      Advantages to 7.01-35 No port mapper is needed (you can use I.P and
      DNS Address), No Protus needed, Easy to install. All files and install
      instructions are in the Files section on the BPQ Users Group, If you
      need any help let me Know.

      Mike Melnik/N9PMO
      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups. com, "Miroslav Skoric (YT7MPB)" <skoric@...>
      > Hi all,
      > I have been using BPQ32 + FBB 7.00i (16 bit) under Windows 2000.
      > Recently I noticed that BPQ32 terribly slows the system in a way that
      > almost all other that is running at the time is awfully slow. And it
      > starts to happen very soon after BPQ32 + FBB 7.00i are up -
      > they just idle or if it is a forwarding session established with the
      > JNOS computer. And, btw, before I started to use BPQ32 (just used
      > there was no such behavior. I have P2 with 224 meg of RAM here.
      > Misko YT7MPB

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