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73Flex-BPQ32 problems

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  • Mark Harloff
    Dec 22, 2005
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      Hi Ron,
      I am still trying to sort out problems with linkng BPQ32 to FlexNet.
      I cannot get an AXIP/UDP link to hold for more than a few minutes.
      I have tried this on two separate machines, one running ARC/BPQ32 and
      one running WINFBB32/BPQ32 linked (via the lan) to the FlexNet puter.
      The results are the same, so it doesn't look like the problem is within
      the application interface in BPQ32.
      I can link any of the systems using serial (kiss) ports at each end but,
      because of the physical distance between the machines here (FlexNet
      machine is in the basement and BPQ32 machines are upstairs), a serial
      link is impractical.

      I can send you a graphic of the physical layout of the network here if
      that would help?

      Also, while testing, I found that ARC/BPQ32 will link to a 16 bit switch
      running on a separate machine (either BPQ16 Or XRouter) fine via a
      serial link Or AXIP/UDP (over the lan).

      I am lost as to why BPQ32 on one machine will not link to FlexNet on a
      separate machine using AXIP/UDP.

      Do you (or anyone else) have any idea's what could be wrong ?
      -Mark K2CAN
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