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7289Re: [BPQ32] HSMM-MESH

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  • Matthew Pitts
    Jan 3, 2012

      Anything that relies on the Internet is at risk of failing in an emergency; any technology that relies on the Internet for a significant part of its functionality is next to useless in such a situation. Sure, you can do "drag and drop file-sharing" with D-Star, for example, but how much does the Icom ID-1(the only high-speed D-Star radio at this time) cost compared to a wireless router? I would have thought that the very phrase that makes up HSMM would have given you a clue as to what sorts of thing could use it; of course, you think that current ham technology (or the Internet) can do it better with bandwidth limited modes. The only thing that might come close is ATV, but that's not usable everywhere in the US; HSMM-MESH can do the streaming video and audio that could show the conditions at a given emergency shelter, or a disaster site like a train derailment without interfering with Federal Agency communications devices, etc. Oh well, it's my money and time that I'm wasting, if it doesn't catch on here, or it could be the best thing that came along for this area; who can say?

      Matthew Pitts

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