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  • Rick Nicholson
    Jan 2, 2012
      I use it for voip to tower sites that have no broadband access.for use with  Echolink, IRLP, DSTAR and repeater audio linking,  remote control for controllers and repeater functions, APRS and AXIP packet gateways to name a few.  The range will vary on PHG like everything else and of course how much do you want to spend$$
       I have'nt looked too deep into HSMM-MESH, but from what I have seen it's not too different to what we use and it does look promising if you can get everyone on board.
      73's  Rick

      --- On Mon, 1/2/12, Charles Brabham <n5pvl@...> wrote:

      From: Charles Brabham <n5pvl@...>
      Subject: Re: [BPQ32] HSMM-MESH
      To: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, January 2, 2012, 9:13 PM

      I'd be curious about what kind of range to expect, and what kind of amateur radio communications really require that much throughput.
      Just curious.
      My experience with HSMM to this point has been that any utility has always been far overshadowed by the hype level. HSMM generates tons of discussion - but where's the beef, over and above a short-lived, token experiment, here or there?
      The other thing that I have come to associate with HSMM are the attacks upon PART97 by the old ARRL HSMM group. - They were always plotting to eliminate content restrictions, bring in data encryption, and alter or eliminate any other part of PART97 that might somehow differentiate amateur radio from the internet.
      In this respect, one might guess that they were directly associated with TAPR.
      They seemed to be totally oblivious to the damage that these brilliant ideas might do the other amateurs, already doing other things. When it was pointed out, they made it very plain that they simply did not care.
      Perhaps that explains why there is no longer an ARRL HSMM group. - Lots of talk, precious little to show for it, attacks upon PART97, and an attitude concerning their fellow hams that brings to mind the behavior of a snapping turtle.
      It would be refreshing to see somebody making an attempt to use HSMM in a responsible, intelligent manner for a change. - Something that shows an ability to play well with others.
      Maybe this will be that attempt - but personally I have my doubts.
      A solution looking rather desperately for a problem, and a great time-waster?
      That's my call on it.
      73 DE CHarles, N5PVL
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      Sent: Monday, January 02, 2012 3:54 PM
      Subject: [BPQ32] HSMM-MESH

      to all:suggest going to WWW.HSMM-MESH.org/ to see if this is what you need for local net. Also, in yahoo groups,check out CC-HSMM-MESH. It's our local ARES grp starting to use HSMM. Scott is the area sales rep for HP,and is pretty up on computers. He recommends using Linksys WRT54GL for router,reprogrammed to 2.4 ghz.
      Saw mssg about switching between 900 mhz and back for wider coverage.That caught my attention as something that would be most useful in my area.
      call sign is N7CUD.
      email n7cud@...

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