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727Re: [BPQ32] Re: JNOS + FBB

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  • Miroslav Skoric (YT7MPB)
    Apr 8, 2007
      MIchael Melnik Sr. wrote:

      > Misko,
      > I forward to both JNOS and TNOS stations, i have found the easiest way
      > is to forward via the axip UDP network the forwarding block is simple
      > no V statement is needed

      Hi Mike,

      I am not sure if I understood you: I don't need any V statement either.
      I don't use any V line anymore after I switched to AXIP forwarding
      (instead of telnet that I used before). The question is how to avoid
      doubling of C C lines (first C C SWITCH or whatever, second C C
      <callsign>), which works fine in WinFBB+BPQ32 but makes problem in
      LinFBB. In Linux I don't run any 'switch' or node like BPQ, so LinFBB
      only needs *one* C line: C <callsign>

      > My axip port in BPQ is 5
      > the BPQ port in FBB is 1
      > A BBS Callsign
      > P A
      > N 2 (FBBC)
      > O 2 (Time out in 2 Min)
      > J 0 (Send no 7 Plus Data)
      > T 30 (Max size of each packet message)
      > C C

      > NOTE:the Word SWITCH was never needed it was just a reference only
      > BPQ know what to do with the C C statement since the Port ID points to
      > BPQ.

      I have also tried to replace C C SWITCH with just C C and it also works
      fine in WinFBB+BPQ32 but again, it confuses LinFBB.

      I just wondered if it is possible in WinFBB+BPQ32 to avoid any
      additional C C statement within the FBB forwarding block which precedes
      C C <callsign>. If it is not - no problem.

      > The use of one Bpq Port in previous versions of FBB is also documented
      > in the F6FBB manual, if you need a copy let me know.

      Ok, you can send me a copy of it or direct me to the location with it.

      Thank you,

      Misko YT7MPB
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