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726Re: JNOS + FBB

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  • MIchael Melnik Sr.
    Apr 6, 2007
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      I forward to both JNOS and TNOS stations, i have found the easiest way
      is to forward via the axip UDP network the forwarding block is simple
      no V statement is needed
      My axip port in BPQ is 5
      the BPQ port in FBB is 1
      A BBS Callsign
      P A
      N 2 (FBBC)
      O 2 (Time out in 2 Min)
      J 0 (Send no 7 Plus Data)
      T 30 (Max size of each packet message)
      C C
      C C 5 BBS ALIAS
      B BBS Call sign
      F BBS Call Sign
      H Route Stuff
      G *
      Two things, the BBS Call or BBS Alias must be sent to your Nodes Table
      on a AXIP UDP Port You must Map his Node in the BPQAXIP.CFG

      NOTE:the Word SWITCH was never needed it was just a reference only
      BPQ know what to do with the C C statement since the Port ID points to
      BPQ. Reguardless what version of FBB you are using You only need one
      BPQ Port for FBB how ever if one wants different Beacons on alternet
      frequencys you would need to allocate more then one BPQ port this can
      only be done in 7.00 series, the 7.01Alpha only allows one BPQ Port
      i have allways felt more then one is unessary, again this is up to
      the user.
      As i understand your message the word SWITCH is the problem i hope
      this solves the problem. To better understand how to connect to
      more then one port in BPQ using FBB please read my Install and Setup
      instuctions for 7.01A in the Files section.
      The use of one Bpq Port in previous versions of FBB is also documented
      in the F6FBB manual, if you need a copy let me know.

      Mike Melnik/N9PMO

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "abertheaume" <abertheaume@...> wrote:
      > Misko,
      > I am wondering if you considered setting a port using interface
      > TFPCX with FBB. This driver allows connection to another PC with a
      > null modem cable. With it perhaps you would not need BPQ to
      > accomplish what you are trying to do. I have never used this
      > interface but if you read apendix #25 in the FBB help, it appears
      > this may be what you are looking to do. Using this method, you may
      > not need the C SWITCH command line in the forward block.
      > Art , N9ZZK
      > --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Miroslav Skoric (YT7MPB)"
      > <skoric@> wrote:
      > >
      > > 4. I need an idea of how to avoid (if possible) a line with 'C
      > SWITCH'
      > > within the FBB's forwarding block. To be more precise, besides
      > > WinFBB+BPQ32, I also run LinFBB here and through its AXIP channel
      > > directly forward with the callsign of JNOS mailbox - without the
      > need of
      > > a 'switch'. So, when running LinFBB under Linux, it recognizes 'C
      > > SWITCH' line as a problem, but WinFBB+BPQ32 needs one, of course.
      > Any
      > > idea how to solve that? (Note that FBB's common system files are
      > shared
      > > between two operating systems and are accessed by either
      > WinFBB/LinFBB.)
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > >
      > > Misko YT7MPB
      > >
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