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7014RE: [BPQ32] Rig Control

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  • John Wiseman
    Dec 1, 2011



      It depends what Protocol you are using. The PTT function of RigControl is intended for WINMOR ports. I think RigControl PTT will work with the FT-817, but I haven’t tried it myself, and Yaesu doesn’t have a standard for CAT commands.


      There isn’t a separate RigControl,cfg any more. The Rig Control command goes in the CONFIG section of a PORT config.



      John G8BPQ




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      Is it possible to use CAT-commands in BPQ instead of RTS/DTR for PTT control with Yeasu (FT-817)radios?
      Is RigControl.cfg the right way or should PTT controls be in port definitions?
      I would prefer CAT as most other programs use it, directly or via Commander.I often use several programs concurrently and only have one real com port.

      73 Jouko OH5RM

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