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70Re: [BPQ32] Re: BPQ32 and FBB for WIN XP?

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  • hs1lmv@yahoo.com
    Dec 22, 2005
      Hi OM/Lane and BPQ32 group,
      I hope this will not interfear BPQ32 groups, apologize that.
      First of all please get the file WinFbb701-20-setup.exe install in your system then get the latest update Win701-35.zip and replace the existing files winfbb.exe, generic.dll and ded.dll in the same location.
      For stability of this version I can not imagine but our HAM BBS such as Alan/N2BQF and Jose/I0TVL have used this version.
      You have no need to install 16bits version, you can install this version directly while thw 16 bit is existed and you can migrate your previous mail and user data soon after.
      73 De HS1LMV

      ve7ihl <lwforsale@...> wrote:
      >   ftp://ftp.f6fbb.org/pub/f6fbb/distrib/win32/alpha/ => WinFBB
      >   http://www.qsl.net/eb5ivb/index_en.htm => for WinFBB 7.01.35
      configuration ver 1.7.1

      Hello and thanks for the information. I will download and try this
      out. Is the WinFBB32 v7.01.35 fairly stable runningon Windows XP with

      Do you need to first install the 16-bit WinFBB software first before
      installing the WinFBB32?


      Lane, VE7IHL

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