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6918Re: [BPQ32] Interesting Puzzle for you

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  • Douglas Parker
    Nov 16, 2011
      Re: [BPQ32] Interesting Puzzle for you Hi Mike,

      Sorry, Both stations, W6OAV and W0THU are just running KPC-3 TNCs  for their PBBS. I am the only one running BBQ. I don’t think they
      are running BBS Alias calls. I  have never seen an alias on their beacon information.

      Currently in Denver, there are only 2 BPQ systems running, my DVRCO:N4ATA-7 and Emit W0UAW is running UAWNOD:W0UAW-3.

      Then in Boulder Rocky Mountain Ham Radio has LEENOD:W0VG-3 and DVLNOD:N0SZ-3. Lee Hill is in Boulder  where LEENOD is and
      DVLNOD is Devils Head is down the front range of the Rockies between Castle Rock and Colorado Springs just west of Palmer Park.

      I checked in your mail folder I have here on the computer and do not see where you sent a NEW BPQ32.DLL.

      73,  Doug – N4ATA
      Denver, CO 80219

      On 11/15/11 19:17 , "Mike Melnik" <mmelnik1@...> wrote:



      You didn't indicate if the other stations were also running BPQ32 Software or just TNC Nodes, it looks like
      they are TNC Nodes, There is a Glitch in the latest release of BPQ32 & MailChat, the problem is in the BPQ32.DLL
      Have W6OAV reconnect via Telnet, then have him try his BBS alias instead of the W6OAV-1 call, I think it will

      Didn't I send you a BPQ32.DLL last week to replace the present BPQ32.DLL in Window\System32 Folder with the problem?
      This is a Testers BPQ32.DLL

      Web WWW.N9PMO.COM
      Group Moderator

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